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. it's all tonight on america's number one network. in the end, i guess we're not surprised there was a playoff considering at one time yesterday 10 players either led or had a share of the lead at one time. it had been all weekend so tightly packed, that leaderboard. nick: for the last six holes, it all changed, didn't it? a lot of guys fell over at 14 and 15, and then it ended upcoming down to furyk and davis. jim: give anyone the advantage here? nick: well, not really. i think brian davis -- i would have thought he would sense just a great opportunity for a first-time win, to get that two-year exemption on tour. he's moved from britain to orlando, made that his home now. and, you know, the wind is fantastic. that two-year exemption, that can really take the pressure off somebody. >> check your golf balls. good luck to you. >> thanks. >> you bet. jim: slugger white presided over that drawing. slugger's brother-in-law ken green will be in the field next week. ken green, of course, after that horrific accident last year. will be coming back playing next week with mike reid.
news, rome. >> mitchell: the poll shows america's 7 million catholics are concerned about the pope's handling of the scandal. 20% say the pope is doing a good job. 55% rate are saying it's poor. we're waiting for a view from this country. >> reporter: for many american catholics celebrating this easter sunday was a bitter sweet occasion. >> people are going to get more and more stuck. >> reporter: the latest spate of sex abuse stories involving catholic clergymen has unspooled just as christians around the world are marking the most significant holiday on the liturgical calendar. at st. mather's cathedral in washington, they had mixed emotions. >> all that is happening now is very hurtful but it's not going to shake our faith. >> mitchell: many catholics stopped shore of pope benedict in church wide abuses there are mounting calls for him to do more to allay concerns of the faithful. what the pope needs to do is get out in front of this, explain what he knows and understands about this problem. disclosures in the news media have had a cause vost testified effect. critics claim t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)